Khorkov: 41, Jordan+Aunt Beast: 34 (King of the Misere Sprouts Hill)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 1st 15- of June (Josh wins)

15- (Jordan+Aunt Beast* - Khorkov) 1(16)1[2-5] 1(17)16[6-10] 6(18)7 6(19)6[9-10] 2(20)3 2(21)2[3-4] 9(22)10 7(23)19 11(24)11 9(25)9 12(26)13 7(27@8)23 11(28)24 ...

At this point, I notified Roman that "The Russian Army has posted a warning: Due to severe danger including loss of human life, all soldiers are henceforth ordered to stay away from the forest 15- until further notice!" In response, Roman requested a picture. Of course, I was happy to oblige:

Roman: I wanted to see the picture of the game... I didn't want a tiger. You got me wrong.

Josh: No one who enters a forest wants a tiger!

12(29)12[14-15] 14(30)15 I

Here Roman resigned, stating that the loss was "mere chance because of carelessness."

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