Khorkov: 41, Jordan+Aunt Beast: 34 (King of the Misere Sprouts Hill)

Monday, June 14, 2010

The 1st 17- of June, 2010 (Josh wins)

17- (Khorkov - Jordan+Aunt Beast*) 1(18)1[2-6] 1(19)18[2-3] 7(20)7[8-12] 8(21)9 7(22)20[15] 19(23)4

This is 2 + PP3 + A5 + 4P1, an absurd position which no unassisted human can hope to play correctly, given the current state of Sprouts theory.

The game continues with 2(24)3 13(25)14, resulting in A2+PP3+A5+A4P1, an unusual position with three anagos. At this point Roman resigns, saying it was a "bad game" and calling his defeat "silly". The story continues in the next 17- game, in which Roman tries something different on move 22.

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