Khorkov: 41, Jordan+Aunt Beast: 34 (King of the Misere Sprouts Hill)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 4th 21- of June

Now it's Aunt Beast's turn to try something different, and we return to move 38 of the previous game.

21- (Khorkov* - Jordan+Aunt Beast, 2010-06-03) 1(22)2 1(23)1[2,3] 4(24)23 4(25)4[5-8] 2(26)2 24(27)25 9(28)9[10-21] 9(29@27)28 27(30)29 10(31)11 5(32)6 5(33)32[7] 12(34)12[10] 13(35)13 12(36)13 34(37)36[14-16] 35(38)37[17] 18(39)18[19-20]

The position is A2 + 3 + 2L1P1 + [0.1AB;0.AB].

It's not all Grundy numbers and Genus sequences, though — there has been an unusual amount of trash talking on both sides. A recurring theme of mine is is that Roman has wandered too far into a metaphorical forest of complexities, and he should stick to simpler positions that he can actually analyze. A recurring theme of Roman's is that he will vanquish any and all complexities with his superior mental artillery.

Here's a sample of the back-and-forth.

Josh: This forest is very dangerous.
Roman: It's not a forest — it's weeds.
Josh: Those weeds have grown very high all of a sudden. They almost look like trees.
Roman: 14(40)15 you lose
Roman: [1 minute later] Ah no... thinking
Roman: 5(40@7)33 weeds
Roman: [2 minutes later] stop...thinking
Josh: I hope you have a lawnmower powerful enough to mow these weeds, colleague.
Roman: The gas mixture will be better.

In response, I sent Roman this image:

He sent back these two images:

I'm not sure why Aunt Beast gets stereotyped as weeds or a gnome while Roman's avatar is always a brave soldier, but such is life. If you see Roman, tell him it's his move!

Update: Roman finally moved to 5(40)33[6], saying, "It's time to see who's the master of this garden." Aunt Beast replied with 19(41)20.

This is A2 + 3 + A2L1P1 + [0.A;1A]. With a one-word reply, Roman reaffirms that the positions is "weeds".

10(42)11 18(43)41 ...

Now we have 0BL0 + 3 + [0.A;0.A.B;11<B>] + [0.A;1A], and the wind seems to have shifted.

19(44)20 20(45@39)44 II

Two words from Roman: "you win", and finally the long fight is over. Garden Gnome: 1, Gardener: 0.

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