Khorkov: 41, Jordan+Aunt Beast: 34 (King of the Misere Sprouts Hill)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The 7th 21- of June, 2010 (Roman wins)

Roman posed the following challenge:

21- (Khorkov* - Jordan+Aunt Beast, 2010-06-03) 1(22)2 1(23)1[2,3] 4(24)23 4(25)4[5-8] 2(26)2 24(27)25 9(28)9[10-21] 9(29@27)28 10(30)10[11-12]

This is *1+4+9L2. I accept.

11(31)12 11(32)12

This is *1+4+9L0BL0. The position grows steadily more complex.

10(33@13)30 13(34)13[14-15] 14(35)15

Will the mounting pressure of complexity finally cause a fracture in Roman's titanium defenses? This is *1+4+A2L6P0, or, in other words:

14(36)35[15] 16(37)17

No obvious fractures yet, but sometimes these things don't become apparent until the whole structure suddenly collapses.

And sometimes the structure doesn't collapse. Roman writes, "We will finish this farce. You lose."

13(38@14)34 I

And indeed I do. The way Roman correctly replies to three anagos (move 31, 35, and 37) in three different ways is one of the marks of a true sprouts master.

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