Khorkov: 41, Jordan+Aunt Beast: 34 (King of the Misere Sprouts Hill)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 9th 17- of September, 2010 (Roman wins)

We return to move 23 of the previous 17-, so Roman can try something different on move 24.

17- (Khorkov - Jordan+Aunt Beast*) 1(18)1[2] 3(19)4 3(20)3[4,1,5] 6(21)7 7(22)7[6,8,20] 9(23)22 10(24)10[11-17]

10(25)23 6(26)6

I did not think Roman would find this move. I guess that's why he's the World Champion.

11(27)11[12-13] 11(28)24 I

Calling the the text at the top of the the King of the Misere Sprouts Hill page a "parcel of rubbish", Roman sent me the following image to indicate his opinion of the Jordan+Aunt Beast man/machine combination:

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